Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Ronaldo Saga

Cristiano Ronaldo
- a name that has been coming daily on the front pages. All the talk has been about his possible move to Realmadrid. And this talk started from the day Ronaldo told a Spanish Television that he was sure of his future at United and he dreamt of a move to Realmadrid. Incidentally this was just a few days before the "Champions League Finals". So was he planning to leave United for sometime now, the answer has to be "YES". Who would talk like this just before a huge "Final" that too being the crucial player of the team. Ronaldo might give reasons to leave Manutd as "He has won everything possible with Manchester" but had United lost the Champions League final, the reason would have been that he wants to win Champions League so he wants to move.

But his preferred destination, Realmadrid have failed to cross the group stages for the past 4 years. Initially it was rumoured that his agent Jorge Mendes was the man behind Ronaldo's ambition to move as he would get a handsome amount from the huge transfer fee. But those were quashed when it was revealed that Mendes wanted Ronaldo to remain at Manchester United. Some reports say the reason behind is the failure of United to offer a new improved contract than his current £120,000 a week deal. While few reports say Ronaldo had made up his mind in December that United were going to win everything and he had asked his agent to work on a move to Spanish capital. But his desire may be also due to the fact that his mother is an ardent Realmadrid fan.

And as the Euro was approaching there were all sorts of talk about Ronaldo. And his mom told that his son would stay at United this season. But Ronaldo kept quiet. And after a not so successful Euro he made his intentions clear that he wants a move. But United were never going to sell him. It was reported that United along with Nike were going to offer Ronaldo £200,000 a week deal. Nike too wanted him to stay as his move to Real would mean Adidas will be the sponsor. The sponsorship battle went to the extent that Barcelona, who are sponsored by Nike were asked by the sportswear giant to bid for Ronaldo.

Realmadrid actually need a player in his position. Though that might in the minds of Schuster, the board member's thoughts would have been on the fan follow Ronaldo had developed. It was estimated that Realmadrid would make about £500 million if Ronaldo comes. But now after his surgery all directions point towards "Ronaldo's stay at Old Trafford". But god only knows what is coming!!!!!!!!

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