Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The "RIISE" And Fall Of A Warrior


I never imagined this to take place. John Arne Riise arrived from Monaco as an unknown product and became an instant hero among the Kopites. But those golden days are no more.For a guy who wanted Anfield to be his home till the end of his career has been kicked out cos of a single goal.The mistake was that he netted the goal in the wrong side of the ground.He became a ZERO from being a HERO in just a split second of MADNESS. He must have rued the decision he had made to clear the ball with his head instead of his legs.

One poor season and he has now been sold to Roma for £4,000,000. A man who was considered by the KOP to be a man with a golden left foot, is now in ITALY hoping that he is treated better there.

But this again lays the emphasis on BENITEZ's man management abilities. After all who can forget the way he manhandled STEVEN GERRARD, forcing Steve G to give a transfer request. If a single poor season and a solitary own goal means a player will be sold, it doesnt give the right signal to the present players. If this happens to an veteran then see the plight of the club, whose Co-owner has blasted its CEO calling him a "Total disaster". But I still feel Liverpool havent got the squad to challenge for the Premier League and that would mean wait for the Liverpool fans to celebrate title number "18" would go on atleast for a year.

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