Friday, October 24, 2008


This post is intended for all those who doesnt know what an offside is in football. An offside as flagged when the attacking team member is ahead of the defence line of the opponent team. This offside rule is applicable only when the play is in the attacking half of the particular team. It is the linesmans job to call for offside and the referee in the pitch is not allowed to give offside decisions. It is a very common tactic for all the teams defence department to enforce offside trap to their opponents. Plenty of team coordination and communication is required as if even a single member of the squad fails to connect the offside trap, the team will be in real big trouble.

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Party time

The recent form Indian cricket team is astonishing to see. It is good to see many playing their role perfectly in the ongoing series against Australia. Debutantes like Amit Mishra performed beyond expectation. Reverse swing is something which Indians done perfectly during the matches. Bowling with a scrambled seam worked for Indians while taking new ball, which made the ball, rough quickly and made reverse swing possible.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Milan Derby

There are several intense and very fierce rivalry battles which are called as derby matches that happens across Europe. Some of the most intense and passion filled matches include the Merseyside derby, Manchester derby, Milan derby, Madrid derby, and many more.

Eventhough all matches have the same level of intensity and its almost impossible to predict a winner in these sort of match, I personally feel Milan derby is the pick of the lot. This is mainly because both of these teams are championship contenders unlike the other derbys in which one is a strong team and the other will be an average team.

The most recent Milan derby ended in favour of AC Milan with Ronaldinho scoring the solitary goal that made the difference.

More about the derby matches will be written in my next post.


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