Monday, May 19, 2008

AC Milan end up in UEFA cup

This has been a disappointing season for AC Milan. They were knocked out of the Champions League in the round of 16 and after that all they had left to play was a 4th place in the league that will make sure they would appear in the Champions League next season. But they did not even manage a 4th place finish and that means they will have to play UEFA cup next season. Things were under control for Milan after the 36th week when they edged past Fiorentina to take the fourth place. But their 3-1 loss to Napoli combined with Fiorentina's win over Parma meant that Milan were pushed back to the 5th place going into the last weekend. And also they were 2 points below Fiorentina which meant even if they win their last match, Champions League action could not be guaranteed. And both the teams fighting for the 4th spot won yesterday and it meant Milan will play in UEFA cup next season.

It would be a bitter pill to swallow for Milan who have won the Champions League 7 times, next only to Real Madrid. And with the influx of players like Pato and latest signing Flamini they would have hoped to put a better show in Champions League next season. Kak√°, prior to this weekend said that it would not be a disaster for the club if they were in UEFA cup next season. It is all down to their teams poor domestic form and they did not have the best of starts this season and they even dropped out of the top 10 but they managed to comeback and were fighting for the 4th spot. It must be remembered that even last year Milan(started on -8 points in the league) failed to finish in top 4 but they won the Champions League which gave them a direct entry to this season's edition. Milan's primary focus has been the Champions League and they have been criticized at times for that. Some say Milan are the Liverpool of Italy and vice versa, these teams do well in Europe but not that well in the league. But teams get what they deserve, Milan showed no consistency in neither Champions League nor Serie A so its apt that they are in UEFA cup next year. But one can hope they will comeback strong as Bayern Munich. Whatever may be the case AC Milan will be missed in UCL next season.

Click here for the goals

AC Milan - Udinese Final score : 4-1

0-1 Mesto
1-1 Pato
2-1 Inzaghi
3-1 Cafu
4-1 Seedorf
Penalty Miss - Kaka

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