Saturday, June 28, 2008

PayPerPost - Blogger's delight

Hi everyone I got to know about PayPerPost from one of my friends who has a blog. He was simply raving about PayPerPost and even showed me the cheque that he got from PayPerPost. That excited me and I wanted to cash in on this great opportunity so I applied even I found out that it gives you an excellent opportunity to earn while you blog (i.e) you can keep blogging on
the topics you like and get paid. Sounds interesting!!!!!! Exactly it is interesting. You need to apply for PayPerPost and for that your blog needs to certains days old and there should be certain number of visitors for your blog to qualiy. Once you are approved, you can have fun. Moreover PayPerPost offers you referral programs which pay you for every blogger you refer. You can place widgets on your blog, get referrals through and earn. Another way is to display sign up forms in your page so that those who are willing can join directly from there. And you can have banners on your page for the advertisers to know that you are willing to write about their product.I was very happy when my blog got approved and I'm planning to keep the money I earn from PayPerPost to buy an ipod. I'm also hoping to make new friends from PayPerPost. And another huge advantage is that you can have more than one blog in your account so more opportunities. So what are you waiting for. Get started with PayPerPost and earn. Inform your friends about this exciting opportunity. Happy blogging. Happy earning. blog ads

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