Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jose to Italy?

According to reports from a Portuguese Media "The Special One" has flown to Milan on Friday evening to meet up with the Inter president Morrati and discuss a move. His possible move to Inter appears on the cards as the current boss Mancini had said after Liverpool defeat in the UCL that he would quit at the end of the season only to refute it saying he wont do so.
Inter have lost their plot in the Serie A and only have a 4 point lead over Roma . They had the chance to go 6 points clear after Roma drew 1-1 on Saturday but Inter could muster only a 1-1 draw against Lazio. Jose would find Inter to his liking as its a huge club without any doubt but they also have some stars who Jose prefers to work with rather than ordinary players. He could be the right man for Inter and his stifling technique might just work with a club like Inter. And Jose had already said that he would be taking over as the boss of a major team in Europe and he wanted to destroy Chelsea in Champions League but he said the club would always remain in his hearts. So is he heading to Italy????????
And Jose has refused all the speculation about him meeting with Inter president saying “It’s not true that I have been in Milan, in fact I did not meet president Moratti and I don’t even want to” . And it looks like the stories around Jose will go on until he finally takes over a club.

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